To let You Know the Lending Platform

With the fast development of internet, the traditional way of lending is changing. Nowadays people prefer to lending online. P2P loans can be a substitute for bank loans. The difference is that companies and individuals can borrow money from dozens or even hundreds instead of borrowing from a single source.

In Europe, nowadays while the vast majority of P2P lending activities are concentrated in the UK, accounting for more than 84% of the entire European market. Germany, France and the Nordic countries are also experiencing strong growth. Many counties provide different ways for borrowers to choose.

Zopa is famous as the pioneer in the p2p lending business, its name from “Zone of Possible Agreement”. P2P network loan model was co-created by the British Richard Dewar, James Alexander, Sarah Matthews and David Nicholson four young people. Zopa, the world’s first private lender, is founded by these four young man and operates in London. Now Its business has expanded to Italy, the United States and Japan. And the average daily on-line investment is more than 200 million pounds. On this platform, borrowers can apply loans which is ranging from £ 1,000 to £ 15,000 for three or five years. Zopa requires the lender to be 18 or older, while the borrower to be 26 and good credit history over the past years. Each borrower and was divided into five categories according to their assets and risks, with different loan rates. The site offers simple, easy estimates.

Funding Circle (UK)
Funding Circle p2p Loans (Funding Circle) is an online market for business loans that matches businesses that want to borrow money from investors. The company is the first company to launch a P2P commercial financing platform in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2010, the platform give a support to fund worth 1.3 billion in loans to SMEs based in the UK. Its community has more than 50,000 investors from the United Kingdom. The funding circle has received $ 270 million in funding but has three strong competitors: the Endurance Loan Network 2013, LeapPay 2014 and Zencap 2015.

Quicken Loans(US)
Quicken Loans is the fifth largest online retail mortgage company in the United States, founded in 1985. The site is a good reference for anyone considering buying a property to help users make informed choices before deciding to buy a home. The Zing! Section of Quicken Loans’ website includes many articles, ranging from property offers, home buying process alerts, and mortgage prep ends. If you are thinking about the Quicken Loans loan process, our amazing mortgage loan process will give you a detailed explanation. If you are not sure where to start, then please relax. We will provide you with a virtual schedule to show you how to collaborate with us.

Auxmoney (Germany)
Auxmoney is a German online peer-to-peer lender specializing in private and consumer loans. At Auxmoney, borrowers can get personal loans ranging from € 1,000 to € 25,000 from private investors. To date, Auxmoney has generated $ 465 million in consumer loans and 99 million in consumer loans in 2015 alone, making it one of the largest P2P lending agencies in Europe. According to Crowdfundinsider, the Düsseldorf-based company has now raised more than 200 million euros.

Lendix (France)
Lendix is an online French business loan trading platform that allows investors to make loans directly to SMEs. Was established in 2014 and has raised $ 26 million in loans to businesses. Shortly after rival Finsquare was acquired in April, Lendix raised $ 13.5 million from CNP Margin, Matamut, Zencap AM, Partech Ventures, Decaux Frères Investissements, Sycomore Factory and Weber Investissement, making it one of Europe’s leading P2P lending platforms.